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The Culture of Communication

Better Communication and Collaboration

For over a decade Rob Rickard of Common World inc. has been consulting and building communication and productivity solutions for businesses, non-profits, and educational institutes. He has managed to incorporate all his information on communication and collaboration into 'Talks' he is calling, The Culture of Communication.

This site is designed to share some of that information to and help visitors recognize the importance of investing into developing a 'Communication Culture' that will help their organization communicate and collaborate better.

Every organization needs to communicate. Most organizations have poor communication skills and tools. Without knowing or trying to find a 'communication culture', it is difficult to build a good communication solution. This site is where you can start.

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    The Culture of Communication
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    Better Group Communication and Etiquette

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    One to Many and Many to One Communication

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    Committee Collaboration and Communication

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    Building Better Communication

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    Consulting and Training

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    A 'Walled Garden' to Aggregate Information with Simplification and Speed


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